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Rashmi George

Content Lead

Rashmi George, the Content Lead at Vymo is an unapologetic cat whisperer. When she's not cuddling her furry friends, you can find her nose-deep in a fantasy or finance book, dreaming up her next travel adventure. With over a decade of experience writing for ad agencies, financial institutions, and media production companies, Rashmi knows how to craft content that captures attention and drives results.


AI Forward Asia ft. Bambang Sueno

AI is reshaping Asia’s insurance landscape, transforming customer interactions, and optimizing business processes, leading to unprecedented growth opportunities. In our conversation with Bambang Sueno, President-Director of
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An interview with Gabriel Kung

Bowtie Insurance, Hong Kong’s first virtual insurer, decided that they must have some physical interaction with their customers and opened Bow Coffee for them to walk in, order a latte and decide the life or health insurance policy that works best for them! We caught up with Gabriel Kung, Chief Commercial Officer at Bowtie Life Insurance Company, to learn more about this unique initiative.