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Sayan Kumar Roy

Associate Product Marketing • GTM

Sayan takes care of APAC Product Marketing. His primary work revolves around the Go-To-Market strategy. After work, he’s a reader and avid traveler.

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Top 5 Strategies to Improve Insurance Sales

Insurtech firms focus on leveraging digital technology to address customer pain points and provide an enhanced client experience. This could potentially challenge established insurance companies in the market. How can traditional insurance firms increase their sales productivity in the digital era?

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5 ways to improve customer engagement in Banking

In today’s digital age, customer engagement has become a top priority for banks. Engaged customers are not only more likely to stay loyal, but they also become advocates for your brand. How can the right sales strategies enhance customer delight? Know more…..

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Top Insurance Trends in 2023 – with Sumanas Kar

Customers today are no longer excited by what their friends buy and need products and benefits personalized to their individual needs. This is leading to insurers scrambling their think tanks to design products, offer benefits that can be multi-selected to offer the best-fit plan. For more….