Perspectives From Industry Leaders


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Statista predicts that the insurance industry
will grow at a compound rate of around six
percent per year, reaching almost 6.4 trillion
U.S. dollars in 2025

As the industry gears for this rapid, disruptive growth and undergoes massive digital transformation challenges, there are pertinent questions that need answers:

  • What are the key drivers that will steer the insurance industry forward?
  • What are some of the challenges that industry leaders need to address to facilitate this growth?
  • Can the insurance sector redraft its gameplan to attract and retain talent better?

As a sales engagement solutions provider, we believe that we can play a key role in helping insurance companies unlock these answers. So we reached out to leaders for a 360 degree view: industry outlook, priorities, and opportunities.

We’ve crystallized key takeaways from these conversations and compiled this engaging coffee table book complete with industry trends to make it an absorbing read.

We hope you find it insightful.